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Diallyl phthalate resin & diallyl iso-phthalate resin moulding compounds

Due to their special chemical structure, our diallyl phthalate resin and diallyl iso-phthalate resin moulding compounds extend the lifetime of components for many times. Especially in applications in which humidity at higher temperatures can have an impact over an extended period of time. Reinforcement with glass fibres is regularly used.

Our DAP und DAIP moulding compounds demonstrate the same high-quality properties as our unsaturated polyester resin moulding compounds – with simultaneous hydrolysis resistance. Due to their high level of thermal resistance and durability, they exhibit permanently excellent mechanical as well as electrical insulation properties even in harsh environments, especially at elevated humidity and high temperatures. They feature high tracking resistance (CTI > 500 V), as well as glow wire test (GWFI 960°C), flame-protection and can be widely coloured. The good dimensional stability ensures very low moulding and post shrinkage. DAP and DAIP are UL-listed (UL94 V-0 at to 0.6 mm possible).


The excellent resistance under harsh climatic conditions, such as high temperatures in combination with extreme humidity, enables the manufacture of components (electrical connectors) in aerospace and military applications.

Connector fronts
with hydrolysis resistant properties

Product name Technical Data Sheet UL Yellow Card
DAP 5553 TDB UL Yellow Card
DAP 5562 TDB UL Yellow Card