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Melamine/polyester resin moulding compounds

The styrene-free moulding compounds on the basis of melamine resin-modified, unsaturated polyester resins are reinforced with renewable natural fibres. This makes AMPAL® a material with outstanding properties, which is used in demanding areas of the electric, electronic and electrical engineering industries.

Due to the reduced friction coefficients, AMPAL® moulding compounds are optimised with regard to glide and wear behaviour, which results in high resistance to wear and favourable sliding friction behaviour. Due to their elastic behaviour, they also reliably withstand intensive long-term stress under static and dynamic strains. With high tracking resistance (CTI > 600 V) and glow wire test (GWFI 960°C), AMPAL® moulding compounds demonstrate outstanding electrical insulation properties and the risk of fire in the event of an electrical defect or an external ignition source is kept at minimum.


As a self-extinguishing product with halogen-free flame protection, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures low amounts of smoke and toxic gases in the event of fire. AMPAL® is UL-listed (UL94 V-0 at to 0.75 mm possible) and meets testing requirements in accordance with the hazard class (HL 3) for electrical insulating materials of EN 45545.


The moulding compounds can be produced in a wide range of colours.


The extensive overall profile of AMPAL® moulding compounds is ideally suited for applications with demanding electrical contacts, for which the mechanical and electrical properties must be maintained over many millions of switching cycles. They can thus be ideally utilized in particular for applications in which the material surface is subjected to mechanical stress in form of friction. These include applications in the electric, electronics and electrical engineering industries, low and power current engineering, as well as railway engineering, including electromechanical components, miniature circuit breakers (MCB), automatic circuit breakers or thermostat housings.

Circuit breakers
for the electrical sector

Cam switch
with reduced friction

Product name Technical Data Sheet UL Yellow Card
AMPAL® MPV 2000 TDB UL Yellow Card
AMPAL® MPV 2500 TDB UL Yellow Card
AMPAL® MPV 7500 TDB UL Yellow Card