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Melamine resin & melamine/phenolic resin moulding compounds

Moulding compounds on the basis of melamine resin & melamine/phenol resin reinforced with cellulose for the electrical industry and household applications.

MELOPAS® moulding compounds distinguish themselves through a high degree of surface hardness and scratch resistance, which makes them extremely resistant to stains. They are also available with dishwasher-safe properties. A particular advantage is found in its UV stability and colour stability, so that they also yellow little even under UV light and heat exposure. With MELOPAS® moulding compounds, you also receive extraordinary electrical insulation and electrical properties with high tracking resistance (CTI > 600 V), arc resistance, as well as glow wire test (GWFI 960 °C).


Through their self-extinguishing behaviour, due to halogen free and inherently flame resistant resin, a UL94 V-0 classification is possible with a minimum thickness of 0.75 mm without additional flame retardants. This ensures low levels of smoke and toxic gases in the event of fire. This means that they are also ideally suited as materials for railway vehicles.


Nearly all MELOPAS® moulding compounds are UL-listed (UL94 V-0 at 0.75 mm possible) and meet testing requirements in accordance with the hazard class (HL 2) for electrical insulating materials of EN 45545. Several of our MELOPAS® moulding compounds represent normed products according to DIN EN ISO 14528 or 14529. The manufacture of which is regularly monitored by the “Technische Vereinigung der Hersteller und Verarbeiter typisierter Kunststoff-Formmassen e.V.” [Technical association of manufacturers and processors of typified plastic moulding materials]. Moulded articles manufactured of MELOPAS® MF 152.7 are especially approved for contact with food products.


The moulding compounds can be produced in a wide range of colours.


MELOPAS® moulding compounds are especially well-suited for use in the electrical, electronics and electrical engineering industries, as well as in low and power current technology. They are used as contactors and power contactors, miniature circuit breakers (MCB), meter housings or switch housings and lids.

Electrical Installations
for demanding applications

Circuit breakers
for the electrical sector

Our special products are also optimised for household applications, in which they, for example, are used as coverings and switch handles, fittings for household appliances, dishes, drinking utensils and cutlery, pot fittings, as well as screw closures in the cosmetics industry.

Fittings for household appliances
with ceramic-like appearance and feel

Dinner and drinking utensils
in different colours

Product name Technical Data Sheet UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MF 150 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MF 2500 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MF 3025 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MP 180 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MP 181.5 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MP 182 TDB UL Yellow Card
MELOPAS® MP 183 TDB UL Yellow Card