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Unsaturated polyester resin moulding compounds

Reinforced with glass fibre, these styrene-free moulding compounds based on unsaturated polyester resins offer very good mechanical strength combined with outstanding appearance and haptic. Special product types are available with a high surface quality and yellowing resistance.

RALUPOL® moulding compounds distinguish themselves through extraordinary dimensional stability with very low moulding and post shrinkage. Due to their high stability and excellent heat resistance RALUPOL® products can withstand temporary heat stress. They demonstrate extraordinary electrical insulation and dielectric properties, which is also maintained under permanent high temperatures. The explanation for this is the high tracking resistance (CTI > 600 V), arc resistance, glow wire test (GWFI 960°C), as well as a high electrical RTI (Relative Temperature Index) of 170°C according to UL 746 (IEC 60216/T1).


The self-extinguishing products are halogen-free flame-protected, which also ensures minimal generation of smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire, as well as for the occurrence of an electrical defect or in the case of an external ignition source. This means that they are also ideally suited as parts for rolling stock applications.


Nearly all RALUPOL® products are UL-listed (UL94 V-0 at to 0.75 mm possible) and meet testing requirements in accordance with the hazard class (HL 3) for electrical insulating materials of EN 45545. Several of our RALUPOL® moulding compounds represent normed products according to DIN EN ISO 14530. The manufacture of which is regularly monitored by the “Technische Vereinigung der Hersteller und Verarbeiter typisierter Kunststoff-Formmassen e.V.” [Technical association of manufacturers and processors of typified plastic moulding materials].


The moulding compounds can be produced in a wide range of colours.


RALUPOL® moulding compounds are ideally suited for use in the electrical, electronics and electrical engineering industries, in low and power current technology, as well as in railway engineering. They are used, among other things, as switch disconnectors, circuit breakers, terminal boards for electric motors, slip-rings, relays, lamp sockets (H4/H7 twin filament headlight) or thermostat housings.


Special products are also available for household applications as oven strips, covers and switches, as well as lamp housings.

Circuit breakers
for the electrical sector

Product name Technical Data Sheet UL Yellow Card
RALUPOL® UP 804 TDB UL Yellow Card
RALUPOL® UP 4385 TDB UL Yellow Card
RALUPOL® UP 4806 TDB UL Yellow Card